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PRESENTING: The Sullivan County Gaelic Association! The group dedicated to their Gaelic background (be it factual or fictional) These people have dug up remains of their family lines that extend into the old worlds of Scotland or Ireland, or created their own such lines that are as good as the real thing here. As long as you've got the Celtic spirit, you're a Celt to us. As of now, we are a performing group, be it improvisational, scripted, or a mixture of both. Battles are common in our performances, as they're just fun. Our goal is to entertain others, research our Gaelic history, and bring some interest back into not only the Gaelic world, but the entire of medieval/renaissance Europe, and indeed the entire world of this time period. (Mostly Europe, though if you are interested in, say Asian countries of around the 15th century, then we're right behind you encouraging you to pursue that interest.)

Members of the SCGA have chosen names that they would like to be called, and those that have Scottish/Irish background have taken up that surname if they know what it is. Currently, the main clans of the SCGA are the Hamilton and Bailey. We encourage new members to join those clans, or if they so wish use their own ancestors clans and introduce them into the SCGA. If you can, get a kilt displaying your SCGA clan's tartan (colors and pattern).

Current members of the SCGA are:

  • Of Clan Bailey

    • Lord Nelson Bailey


  • Of Clan Hamilton

    • Lord Bran Hamilton

    • Eadan Hamilton