The Dragon's Lair
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You have entered the Dragon's Lair. Please, be wary, lest you incur his anger...

*Ahem* Please pay no attention the the great booming voice from nowhere. There isn't a dragon about to eat you. Anyway, welcome to the Dragon's Lair! This site is completely devoted to dragons, elves, and other fanntasy topics. (Mainly Dragons.) (I now also have some javascript games you can play!) If you have any pics you think I should post or perhaps some short stories or anything else that should be on the site please please PLEASE e-mail me at I promise to give you credit for it if you want it (don't forget to tell me who you are.) Keep checking back as I will be almost constantly adding new pics! Tell your friends! And remember, this site is ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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UPDATE: Check it out! I'm back and the web page is going under some major overhauls. Lots more random stuff will be coming, and some of the older stuff that I found tiring is getting cut out! I will actually have downloads, but for now the Iguanas doesn't look like its going up online any time soon so for now that page'll have to go. Oh well. Eventually I hope.